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Nohr glass server

By Søren Refsgaard

Simple serving jug designed to fit the different filters in the Nohr series – pour-over and slow brew. Whether you’re making pour-over or cold brew coffee, it can be brewed directly in the serving jug. Once the filter is removed, the jug becomes an elegant serving jug. The jug features markings that correspond to markings in the coffee dripper and the cold brew filter to ensure that you achieve the perfect balance of water and coffee. The Nohr series was designed by Søren Refsgaard and consists of a coffee dripper, gooseneck kettle, cold brew filter and a glass serving jug. The aim was to create a series for coffee enthusiasts who want the ultimate flavour experience. Brewing good coffee is a craft that requires time and attention – this is underscored by the cool simplicity of the design.

  • Brew and serve in the same jug
  • Suitable for pour-over and cold brew coffee
  • Perfect fit for the Nohr coffee funnel and cold brew filter
  • A stylish and complete design series for coffee enthusiasts
  • Volume 1,2 l.
black metallic
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GBP 73.95
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GBP 73.95
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GBP 73.95
Designed by: Søren Refsgaard

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