Make everyday life more beautiful

The Emma series, with its simple and elegant lines, is a beautiful addition to any kitchen counter or dinner table. The combination of stoneware and lacquered metal with details of moulded beech wood fits perfectly into a modern home. Emma includes everything from vacuum jugs to electric kettles and toasters. In the Emma collection, you will find everything you need to set an inviting table from cups and plates to thermos, electric kettles and toasters.

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Whether you are setting the table for brunch or afternoon tea, the 50's-inspired design and the Nordic tone-in-tone colour palette creates a harmonious expression.

“There are some techniques and ways of designing that are culturally determined. Moulded wood is both a large part of our Danish design heritage but also a completely ingrained part of being educated at the Danish Design School.”

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The fascination of the moulded wood

“We wanted to design a series of products that should be innovative, but at the same time contain something recognizable. That is how the idea of moulded wood quickly emerged. We have a lot of experience with this technique, especially in the furniture industry, but we wanted to use it in a whole new context.”

- HolmbäckNordentoft, Designers of the Emma series

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Danish Modern

Back in the 1950s, the technique of moulded wood in the furniture industry became well known. Especially with Arne Jacobsen's shell chairs such as “The Ant” and “The Series 7”. Today this time period is known as Danish Modern; the golden age in Danish design history. A period that fostered many iconic designs. Designs that are just as modern now as then, and thus naturally influence the design language and process of today’s designers.

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Shades of grey

“It’s about avoiding making things too complicated. The details have to be self-explanatory."

- HolmbäckNordentoft

The award-winning Emma collection enhances your everyday life with beautiful products for cosy moments.

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Same design language - different functionality

The Emma vacuum jugs for coffee and tea as well as the elegant electric kettle are all made of lacquered stainless steel with a moulded beech wood handle. The idea was to design an electric kettle beautiful enough to place directly at the table. The warmth of the FSC-certified wood and the carefully selected colors lend the design its Nordic and minimalistic look.

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A blue color palette

“The design process was an intuitive process, where you take two steps forward and one back. When you design a series like Emma, it's like putting together a big puzzle where you have to create the pieces yourself. There is an enormous number of elements that needs to fit together."

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View the design family - Danish Modern 2.0

Danish Modern 2.0 is inspired by the golden age of Danish design in the 50’s and 60’s.

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