The power of a curve

Norman Foster is Executive Chairman and Founder of Foster + Partners, one of the most influential architectural design firms shaping cities across the world, known for projects such as Reichstag: New German Parliament, The Great Court at the British Museum and the Millau Viaduct.

His designs for Stelton bring together simple sculptural form and soft geometry, to create exceptionally crafted tableware for a wide range of settings. From carafes to espresso cups, each object is a response to its specific function, while embodying a shared language.

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The range has an eclectic approach to materiality, tying together the unique characteristics of stainless steel, porcelain and glass through form and sensitive detailing.

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"There is wonderful ambiguity in the power of a curve or a line, whether it is defining a building, a bridge, a skyline, or a vessel. They’re all in a way part of the same family."

- Norman Foster, Architect
From idea to final product

"The translation of a design idea through prototyping and production, and the quality of those finishes is vital. Whether that is a mass manufactured product or a handcrafted object. The common denominator is the care and love that goes into it at every stage, creating a product that is going to be part of everyday lives.”

- Norman Foster

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Cylinda-line by Arne Jacobsen

Cylinda-line by Arne Jacobsen is the heart of Stelton’s design DNA. Cylindrical design has become a timeless classic. Iconic and minimalistic.

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