Made in Denmark

EM77 was designed by Erik Magnussen in 1977, and since then, the vacuum jug for coffee or tea has been made in Denmark in more than 100 different colours. The vacuum jug is a genuine Danish design icon, found in the studios of architects and in private homes all over the world. The sleek and minimalistic design will fit on all tables and keep the coffee or tea warm longer during breakfast, meetings, and in the home office. It can also keep your drinks cold for hours, if you prefer a refreshing iced tea or coffee.

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Mellow Yellow & brushed brass

The EM77 vacuum jug in Mellow Yellow is a breath of fresh air after a time characterised by darker tones. The brushed brass edition of the EM77 jug is simply striking and adds distinction to the design and texture. It will highlight any table - both elegant, classic table settings and young and trendy ones where the key is mix-and-match.

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New seasonal colours

The colour choices for the spring are based on current trends within interior design and fashion.

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„My way of designing is not an intellectual process. My ideas are borne out of my own needs. I don’t want to complicate things, only to make everyday life a little easier.“

- Erik Magnussen, Designer
Rust, Dusty Blue & Sand

Rust goes brilliantly with the orange and brown retro look, but has a warmer, deeper glow. Dusty Blue evokes Scandinavian twilight, when the sense of calm sets in, while Sand is classic and elegant. The colours are a perfect accompaniment to current interior decoration trends with dark woods in the kitchen and fabrics and rugs in warm shades. Each season the vacuum jug is produced in new colours in a limited number, so make sure to put the one you love on your wish list.

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Take your time. Enjoy a moment of calm with your favourite tea or coffee.

Same iconic exterior,
new functionality.

The cordless EM77 electric kettle is as stylish and elegant as the original EM77 vacuum jug, which allows you to keep it on the kitchen counter or bring it to the table.

The electric kettle complements the EM77 vacuum jug and EM77 French press in both form and function when there is a delicious cup of tea or slow brew on the menu. The base with power supply and cable rewind is surrounded by the kettle and therefore not immediately visible. It heats up the water very quickly and turns itself off when the water boils. Thus the EM77 kettle is also ideal for busy mornings, where time only allows for a quick cup of instant coffee to go.

The EM77 vacuum jug even exists as a half litre jug, when you just need a few cups, for single households, restaurants or hotel rooms.

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For in- and outdoor use

The vacuum jug also comes with an handy screw cap which is ideal, if you want to bring the jug outside on the terrace, or along for a picnic. The jug with its glass insert keeps hot drinks warm longer and cold drinks cold for hours, which means it can also be used for iced tea or iced coffee on a warm summer’s day.

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Designed to last

Not only the design is long lasting, the jug itself will also last for decades. In case something is accidentally broken or a lid is lost, it is easy to replace parts and repair the jug. This way you can continue to use it for years – a real advantage for the environment.

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View the design family - Classic

Classic features designs inspired by the cylindrical shape like the EM77 vacuum jug by Erik Magnussen. Elegant and always functional.

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