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Nohr filter for cold brew

By Søren Refsgaard

Cold brew coffee is a relatively new trend, but the method is well-established and can be traced back to 17th century Japan. Instead of brewing with hot water, the coffee is brewed with cold water over a longer period. This produces a cold coffee with less bitterness and more sweetness than can be achieved through regular coffee brewing. This makes the cold brew method perfect for iced coffee and coffee shakes. The Nohr cold brew filter has been designed to fit perfectly in the Nohr glass jug. Place the jug in the fridge with the filter and coffee for 10–12 hours, then remove the filter from the jug and the cold brew coffee is ready to serve. The Nohr series was designed by Søren Refsgaard, who wanted to create a series for coffee enthusiasts who want the ultimate flavour experience.

  • Specially developed for cold brew coffee brewing
  • Reusable and kind to the environment
  • Markings to ensure the correct dose
  • Fits the Nohr glass jug
  • A stylish and complete design series for coffee enthusiasts
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Designed by: Søren Refsgaard

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