Johan Verde

Apart from applied art and dinner sets, the Norwegian designer and prize-winner Johan Verde has designed furniture, clocks and packaging, and has been awarded a series of prizes. In his work, Verde is occupied, among other things, with the "design of the fold." "The design of the fold is like an embrace and an encircling that turns and circles around itself like the spiral structure of the conch. The fold symbolizes a world that is not empty. A maximum of matter at a minimum of space. In short, the design of the fold signals respect for everything that protects, wraps, and survives", explains Johan Verde, the creator of explore's innovative child's set, Rebel, which in its use of form exploring the "fold".

It seemed natural to develop a cutlery to suit the modern table-settings and the result was Capelano - a totally different form-language with a long, slim and elegant shape, where aesthetics and function go hand-in-hand.

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By Johan Verde
Søren Refsgaard